Business man

Your visit to Israel is dedicated to business meeting. It is well understood, but let yourself a break to learn more about the country and its people. Not only it will be interesting per-se but it will help you to better understand your partners here.

If you are too short in time – take a break of half a day. If you can afford it – stay a few days more after your business schedule is over.
As per my previous business experience – sometimes your partners decide for you about the content of your tour.
Don`t let it happen! decide it for yourself as per your real interests.
If it is your first time in Israel – I will also recommend to first see ethereal Jerusalem but if you have seen the major sites already maybe you will be more interested in a tour in Israel wonderful boutique wineries or have two days in the desert in wonderful remote sites of the impressive Nabatean culture?


You are always welcomed to consult with me and get many creative ideas!



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